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Specialty Eyewear for Enhanced Performance

When it comes to sports, water activities, and outdoor recreation, having strong visual skills is important for peak performance. Our specialty eyewear includes sports, safety, and shooting glasses that enhance visual skills such as depth perception for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Prioritize Eye Safety & Protection During Sports & Hunting

No matter what sport or hobby you’re into, our eye care team will help you find an ideal pair of specialized eyewear to improve your visual experience and performance.

We’ll start off with a few tests to evaluate your vision while you're in motion, interacting with objects, or engaging with other players. This will be done using advanced technology, computerized eye exams with 3D, holographic images and automated testing to measure your reaction time, peripheral awareness, and other visual skills.

Extensive Selection of Specialized Eyewear

Our selection of specialty eyewear includes sports glasses to enhance athletic performance on the field or court, shooting glasses that provide protection and clarity during hunting, safety glasses for hazardous work environments, and even computer blue light-blocking glasses designed to protect your eyes during extended computer use

For a more customized visual experience, we’ll recommend lens treatments and coatings that you can add to your eyewear, such as polarized lenses for reduced glare.

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