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7 Reasons Why Two Pairs of Glasses Are Better Than One

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Stop thinking about getting a second pair of eyeglasses – buy them!

Every time you pass by an optical store, do you glance at the eyewear display and think about picking up a second pair of glasses? There are plenty of good reasons to own more than one pair of eyeglasses!

At James Tracey Eye Care, we constantly update our collection of frames, so you can choose from a wide variety of glasses to suit all of your function and fashion needs. With four eye care centers located to serve you in Midtown, Wyckoff, Woodcliff Lake, New York, and Midland Park, New York, you’re never far from finding the right eyewear to fit your life.

See 7 reasons to own a second pair (or more!) of glasses:

  • Glasses should coordinate with your clothes

You have more than one pair of shoes, more than one necktie, and more than one set of earrings to complement your wardrobe. How can one pair of eyeglasses go with everything you wear? Eyewear needs to match both your outfit and your activity for the day.

  • Reading glasses help you see the fine print

If you’re past 40 years, chances are you have trouble reading small text up close. It may be tricky to see a menu or read your smartphone screen. This vision condition, presbyopia is a normal part of aging, and it is corrected easily with prescription lenses for near vision – AKA reading glasses or readers. Don’t worry, an attractive range of reading glasses are available nowadays, so you won’t look like a granny when you put them on.

  • It’s easy to misplace your eyeglasses

If you always take your glasses on and off and leave them anywhere nearby, you’re probably familiar with the experience of forgetting where you put them. Once you have a spare pair, you’ll never need to search frantically for the missing pair. Just wear different frames until the first ones show up.

  • Eyewear breaks

Even the most durable glasses can break, crack, or get bent. They can get knocked around, fall to the floor, or get sat on by a kid or pet.  If your vision prescription is strong, you’ll need substitute eyeglasses to wear as you wait for the repair.

  • Computer glasses

If you’re always looking at a screen, specialized computer eyeglasses will help prevent digital eye strain and computer vision. You’ll benefit from less glare, a sharper image, and blue-light blocking protection.

  • Eyewear to fit the function

Your sophisticated eyeglasses for work don’t serve the same purpose as your glasses for an elegant evening out or a night spent lounging on the couch in your pj’s.

  • Safety sports eyewear

Impact-resistant sports glasses do more than protect your eyes from whizzing balls and full-body crashes, they can also upgrade your performance with specialized tints, polarized lenses, and wraparound designs.

Visit our optical store near you, located in Midtown, Wyckoff, Woodcliff Lake, New York, and Midland Park, New York, and tell our staff all about your schedule and style. It’s the best way to narrow down your options and pick up a second pair of eyeglasses to suit your unique needs.

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