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Your Eye Clinic for Family Eye Exams in Midtown and New Jersey (Wyckoff, Woodcliff Lake and Midland Park).

Make an appointment is you have sudden:

  • Blurry vision or loss of vision.
  • Difficulty seeing things near and/or far away.
  • Flashing light in the eye.
  • Eye floaters, or small spots that appear in vision.
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Routine Eye Exams for Healthy Vision

Visiting your family doctor for an annual or routine checkup is critical to managing your health. Doing the same for your eyes is just as – if not more – important for maintaining healthy vision and ensuring a high quality of life.

An eye exam involves a thorough, detailed examination of your eyes and visual health. During the exam, Dr. James Sinoway, Dr. Tracey Sinoway, Dr. Fay Khmelnitsky, Dr. Jennifer Chau, Dr. Lillian Fasman and Dr. Travis Abel will ask you about your medical history, family history of any diseases or health issues, medications you may be taking, or about any recent hospital visits. Keep in mind that these are all elements that can affect your vision in one way or another.

Adults should have an eye exam every 1-2 years, and those with health risks, pre-existing eye conditions or significant risk factors should not delay. The doctor will recommend a frequency for routine follow-up exams based on the patient’s medical history.

Your vision can also be affected by other things, such as the climate, hormones, pregnancy, and your personal lifestyle. Although your eyes and prescription needs may change over time, looking great doesn’t have to!

Regular eye exams ensure that prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses are current and maintain proper care, just like you do seeing your primary care physician! Optometrists are essential and we are here to make sure you see as best as possible.

Prescription Glasses with Major Style

Whatever your prescription, we’ve got the designer frames you desire. Enjoy clear, sharp vision with this season’s hottest fashion trends. James Tracey Eye Care has a wide range of fresh looks to express your personality and individual style.

Change Your Look with Tinted Contacts

If you need prescription lenses, but want the freedom of total vision without frames, talk to us about our selection of contact lenses. We carry a wide range of tinted contacts in gorgeous colors that bring out the beauty of your eyes.