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Orthokeratology CRT & VST

Experience ultimate freedom from daytime eyewear with Orthokeratology, or ortho-K, revolutionary overnight contact lenses that eliminate the need for contacts or eyeglasses during the day.

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What is Ortho-K?

Orthokeratology is a cutting-edge myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism correction method. It involves wearing rigid gas-permeable contact lenses at bedtime to gently reshape the cornea as you sleep. By morning, your vision becomes clear, and ideally, no eyeglasses or contacts are required during the day.

Three FDA-approved brands of ortho-K lenses are:

  • Euclid Emerald for myopia control
  • Paragon Vision Sciences’ Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)
  • Bausch and Lomb’s Vision Shaping Treatment (VST).

Best Candidates for Ortho-K

Ortho-K is recommended for nearsighted people who aren’t suitable candidates for vision correction surgery, especially children. People of all ages with healthy eyes, sports enthusiasts, and people who work in dusty environments can also benefit from these lenses.

How Do Ortho-K Lenses feel?

Ortho-k lenses are worn while sleeping, making discomfort and lens awareness a non-issue.

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Vision Results From Orthokeratology

Ortho-K has higher success rates for milder vision prescriptions. The ultimate goal is to achieve 20/20 vision without the need for eyeglasses or contacts during the day.

Most people experience some vision improvement in a day or two, but the full effects may take a few weeks. Our eye doctor may recommend temporary glasses for certain activities during this adjustment period because your vision might not be as sharp. You may also notice glare or halos around lights.

Investing in Clarity

Ortho-K requires professional fitting through several eye doctor visits. These lenses are more expensive than standard contacts, but they tend to last longer, making them cost-effective in the long run.

LASIK after Ortho-K

If you’re wondering if you can get LASIK after wearing ortho-K lenses, the answer is yes! However, your eye doctor will instruct you to stop wearing your ortho-K lenses several months before your refractive surgery, so your eyes return to their original shape. You should also tell your LASIK surgeon if you’ve worn ortho-K lenses.

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