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Contacts For Teens

Contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers, with many choosing them over eyeglasses. Many teens find them more convenient and stylish compared to eyeglasses. They also offer greater flexibility, especially for teens involved in sports and other physical activities.

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Contact Lens Eye Exams for Teens

Although wearing contact lenses offers many benefits for teens, this privilege comes with a responsibility that some teens might not fully grasp.

A contact lens eye exam and fitting isn’t only important for determining your child’s prescription but also allows the eye doctor to teach them about inserting and removing their lenses with ease and proper cleaning and storage.

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Contact Lens Tips for Teens

To make sure that your teen has a positive contact lens experience, they should follow these important tips:

  • Stick to the wearing schedule recommended by your eye doctor.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before inserting or removing contacts.
  • Only use contact lens rinse or solution to clean contacts; never use tap water.
  • Use contact lens solution only once and never reuse it.
  • Follow your eye doctor's advice about swimming or showering with contacts.
  • Remove lenses if they cause discomfort or irritation.
  • Avoid sleeping with lenses, except for extended-wear lenses.
  • Wear lenses prescribed by an eye doctor, and never buy cosmetic lenses without a prescription.

Frequently Asked Questions - Contact Lenses for Teens

Q. What age do you recommend teens start wearing contact lenses?

A. While there's no specific age requirement, children are advised to start wearing contacts from 11 to 14. However, some optometrists prescribe contacts for children as young as 8 (keep in mind that every child is different). Contact lens wear involves financial responsibility and accountability for eye health, so parents must support the decision and ensure their child can handle the responsibility.

Q. Can contact lenses improve sports performance for teens?

A. Yes, contact lenses can improve sports performance for teens by providing clear and unobstructed vision. Unlike glasses, contacts stay in place during physical activities, allowing teens to move freely without worrying about their eyewear falling off or getting damaged.

If you have any questions about contact lenses for your teen, feel free to contact our office in Woodcliff Lake. We are here to help!

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