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Kids Going Back to School? Now’s the Time to Make Sure Your Child’s Eyeglasses Prescription Is up to Date

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The start of a new school year marks your child’s upward growth into a higher grade, which usually means bigger clothing, larger shoes and, frequently, a higher lens prescription for his eyeglasses or contact lenses! To keep on top of your child’s vision prescription and ensure that it’s still accurate, our eye doctors in Woodcliff Lake, and Midland Park, New York, recommends booking a yearly back to school eye exam near you for kids.

How do children’s eyes change?

There’s no standard for how kids’ eyesight changes; it’s highly individual. Some kids need new prescription eyeglasses every year from age four, while others only need their first pair of glasses when they reach their teens.

Nearsightedness, AKA myopia, is the most common vision condition among kids. It’s caused by a cornea that’s either too curved (elongated). As a result, light is focused too far in front of the retina, and objects in the distance appear blurred. As many kids with nearsightedness grow, the shape of their eye may elongate further – leading to the need for increasingly stronger vision prescriptions.

Why is back to school the ideal time for an eye exam?

It’s common for myopia to worsen progressively until children reach their late teens. Back to school eye exams check for this deterioration. Adjustments to the child’s prescription can then be made to prevent kids from having trouble seeing the classroom board, teacher and computer screen clearly.

No parent wants blurred vision to get in the way of their child’s ability to learn. Remember, the only way to know if your child’s eyes are changing is by visiting an eye doctor in Woodcliff Lake, or Midland Park for regular pediatric eye exams.

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